Wisconsin Oven Corp. shipped an electrically heated horizontal-quench solution-treat system to an aerospace-industry supplier. The system has a maximum oven operating temperature of 1200°F and work-zone dimensions measuring 5 feet, 4 inches wide x 5 feet, 6 inches long x 5 feet, 4 inches high (above the rollers). It was designed to heat a 565-pound gross load, consisting of a mixture of aluminum and steel, to 1000°F, provide a soak at temperature and then quickly move the load into a quench tank.

Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±5°F at setpoints of 250°F and 550° F and ±10°F at setpoints of 980°F and 1100° F was documented with a nine-point temperature uniformity survey in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions in accordance with AMS 2750E.

A powered pusher/extractor is used to load and unload the oven. A pneumatically operated lift system lowers and raises the load for quenching. This system achieved a quench time from the time the oven door starts to open until the load is fully submerged of less than 9 seconds.