Tenova LOI Thermprocess received an order from Fonderie Pandolfo for the delivery and installation of a twin-chamber melting furnace (TCF). This order will double the Italian company’s production rate. The TCF, with a capacity of 65,000 tons/year, is designed for aluminum scrap recycling. In order to cover a broad range of scrap, it combines pre-treatment and melting in one furnace.

The TCF process relies on efficient melting by limiting dross formation due to pre-treatment, while the evolving volatile organic contents (VOCs) are combusted completely in the furnace to decrease the overall energy consumption and fulfill the most restrictive environmental regulations. The technology combines regenerative air heating and optimized thermal treatment of the organic scrap components.

Fonderie Pandolfo is the recycling and melting enterprise within Panalco Holding and specializes in processing of aluminum, mainly for extrusions. The company already operates a set of TCF and casting furnaces supplied by Tenova LOI Thermprocess in 2008.