L&L Special Furnace Co. Inc. shipped a floor-standing box furnace to a manufacturer of high-tech ceramics and associated components located in the northeastern U.S. The furnace will be used for glass components along with fiber optics and research and development. It will also be used to fill in on various thermal projects and development. The work zone measures 24 inches wide x 16 inches high x 32 inches deep, with a temperature gradient of ±20°F at 1100°F using two zones of temperature control with biasing to balance any temperature gradients.

An atmosphere-sealed case allows the furnace to be operated under a protective atmosphere blanket. This option gives the operator the ability to displace the oxygen in the chamber with either nitrogen or argon to provide a virtually oxygen-free environment.

The control instrument is a Eurotherm EPC3004 program control that has 10 individual programs with up to 10 segments for each program. The furnace also has over-temperature protection with manual reset and backup safety contactors.