JGEF Furnace installed a series of gas nitriding and tempering furnaces at a commercial heat-treatment company specializing in mold and die steel heat treatment. The horizontal gas nitriding furnace can produce a hard, clean substrate onto which a duplex layer with high hardness values is deposited. The working size of the furnace is 35.5 inches wide x 35.5 inches high x 47 inches long. The charge support design is suitable for a 3,307-pound maximum load.

The tempering furnace will help the heat treater achieve a pre-vacuum protective atmosphere for tempering, and the atmosphere in the furnace chamber will reduce the oxidative decarburization reaction of the heat-treated workpiece. The work zone measures approximately 47.5 inches wide x 47.5 inches high x 79 inches long. The furnace has a load capacity of 11,023 pounds and an operating temperature range of 302-1202°F.