Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) installed three new gas nitriding units at its corporate headquarters in Waterloo, Iowa. The investment doubles their gas nitriding capacity at this location and allows the company to expand its UltraGlow gas nitriding and UltraOx surface-treatment solutions. The three units vary in size, allowing for the accommodation of industries and applications including agriculture, automotive, construction, aerospace, firearms and oil and energy. One unit will be operational this month, and the additional two units will begin operation in February. AHT also plans to design and build an additional unit later this year.

The units will house AHT’s UltraGlow gas nitriding and UltraOx services, which are commonly used in manufacturing to prevent corrosion and improve wear resistance. According to AHT, UltraOx is rapidly replacing processes like QPQ/salt bath, chrome plating and nickel plating, making it necessary for the company to invest in more equipment to accommodate growing demand.