Industrial Heating’s monthly economic indicators for November 2018 remained over 50 for the 24th straight month. This breaks the streak of 23 months of growth from December 2004-October 2006, which was the longest such stretch since the study began over 16 years ago in April 2002. November 2018’s index numbers:

  • Change in number of request for quotes from Sept. to Oct. – 59.4
  • Change in number of orders from Sept. to Oct. – 54.9
  • Change in backlog from Sept. to Oct. – 51.8
  • Expected change in the health of the industry through Nov. – 55.4

November 2018’s index numbers reflect the changes experienced by responding companies as they compare their October 2018 business levels to their September 2018 levels. A number above 50.0 indicates increased activity or growth. A number below 50.0 indicates decreased activity or a decline in growth. Look for these numbers, along with historical values, in January 2019’s Industrial Heating.