SECO/WARWICK will supply a multipurpose sealed quench-chamber furnace to Kuznia Sulkowicie SA, a Polish manufacturer of matrix forgings, construction connectors and manual tools. The furnace is designed for heat treatment (such as gas carbonitriding and pure hardening) in a controlled endothermic atmosphere. The fully automated operation of the furnace is its unique advantage. Personnel are only required to load and unload the work after treatment. The cycle and product transfer is completely automated.

In other news, SECO/WARWICK will supply a controlled-atmosphere brazing (CAB) line to Karnavati Car Air Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. for its greenfield project in Gujrat, India. The line includes a CAB brazing furnace, dry-off oven, thermal degreaser and fluxer. The complete system will be utilized for aluminum heat exchangers of all types for the automotive market.