Wisconsin Oven Corp. shipped an electrically heated annealing furnace to a firearm manufacturer. The conveyor furnace, which has a maximum temperature rating of 1400°F (760°C) and a normal operating temperature of 572-1202°F (300-650°C), will be used for annealing an assortment of brass and bronze firearm caps. Work-chamber dimensions measure 3 feet wide x 9 feet long x 6 feet high.

When preheated, the furnace has sufficient capacity to heat 496 pounds (225 kg) of product per hour. The recirculation system was designed with bottom-up airflow. The continuous conveyor system utilizes a pintle chain-driven wire mesh belt and variable-frequency drive for adjustable conveyor speeds. High-temperature profile curtains with external vestibules on both ends of the conveyor reduce heat spill-out and improve temperature uniformity.

A guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±18°F at 572°F and 1202°F for a minimum of 33 minutes was documented.