2018 marks the 13th Furnaces North America (FNA) produced by the Metal Treating Institute and its media partner, Industrial Heating. Established in 1995, FNA has become synonymous with bringing top suppliers and heat treaters – both captive and commercial – from around the world to one location for technical education, networking and the latest developments in furnace equipment, accessories and services.

This year will be no different. Heat treaters and suppliers from nearly 40 states and 17 countries will converge in Indianapolis Oct. 8-10. This year’s event offers 35 technical sessions, a featured keynote speaker, a two-day trade show with over 170 exhibitors and two high-energy networking sessions.

You can see the event’s full schedule below, and for complete show information – including floor plan and exhibitor list – pick up a copy of our Show Directory at the venue. If you’d like to read more about the exhibiting companies, check out our Booth Descriptions on page 63.

Stop by Industrial Heating’s booth (624) and say hello. See you in Indy!


Top Articles on our Website

If you haven’t noticed, Industrial Heating has been running a series of best-of articles since late 2017. These articles have focused on a specific topic on our website and provided a ranking of the most-read features according to page views.

But what are the most-popular articles overall on www.industrialheating.com? We gathered the data – page views from the start of 2018 – and here are the top 5 on the list.


  1. How to Maximize Burner Efficiency

Because energy costs are a major factor for many industrial processes, it makes sense to carefully analyze how the natural gas is being used and whether the system is running at peak efficiency.



  1. Troubleshooting Thermocouple Failures in High-Temperature Applications

Just the fact that you have to shut down and replace a thermocouple means lost revenue. So, when you lose a temperature sensor – like a thermocouple – you need to know why it failed and how to prevent it in the future.



  1. Calculation of Heat-Treating Costs

Heat-treat costs are difficult to get a handle on. In this article, an accurate cost process is established. www.industrialheating.com/costs


  1. Comparing and Contrasting Carbonitriding and Nitrocarburizing

The terminology of heat treating is sometimes challenging. You have heard the terms carbonitriding and nitrocarburizing and know they are two different case-hardening processes, but what are the real differences between them?



  1. Heat Treating 3D-Printed Metals

Metal 3D printing, or additive manufacturing (AM), is an advanced manufacturing method that opens up new possibilities for designing objects with optimized geometries and minimized weight using far less material and energy – important drivers for a future sustainable, energy-efficient industrial base.



Industrial Heating’s website is a treasure trove of information. Please take advantage of our archives of feature articles. We’re sure you’ll find something interesting.