Braidy Industries Inc. acquired NanoAl, a leader in the science of nanocrystalline strengthening technology applied to sheet aluminum, as a third wholly owned subsidiary. NanoAl was founded out of the Department of Materials Science at Northwestern University to commercialize the science of developing stronger aluminum alloys through control of key structural features at the nanoscale. Braidy believes the technology has the potential to significantly enhance the specific strength of aluminum to be produced by its Braidy Atlas mill in Ashland, Ky.

NanoAl will join the Braidy Atlas aluminum rolling mill and Veloxint in Braidy Industries’ portfolio of holdings. Braidy believes NanoAl’s approach will enable sheet aluminum 20% stronger than conventional grades. The technology also applies to powder metallurgy, including 3D-printing applications, allowing additional synergies between the Braidy Atlas mill and Veloxint.