Quintus Technologies developed a new process, high-pressure warm forming (HPWF), that combines high pressure with a moderately elevated temperature for more rapid, cost-effective and precise forming of titanium parts. HPWF paves the way for more widespread adoption of Ti-6Al-4V, the grade of titanium used in many manufacturing sectors for its high strength, light weight, formability and high corrosion resistance. 

HPWF removes barriers to fabrication that previously limited the use of Ti-6Al-4V to specialty applications. It introduces an induction heating system to warm the blank-and-tool package to approximately 520°F (270°C) – well below the temperatures where a protective gas is required – just before entering Quintus’ Flexform press. The press applies uniform high pressure (20,000 psi/140 MPa) to a flexible rubber diaphragm in conjunction with just a single rigid tool half to form complex sheet-metal parts to final shape.

A complete HPWF cycle, from heating and loading to forming and unloading, takes less than five minutes.