TAV Vacuum Furnaces shipped a vacuum furnace that offers an advanced solution for aluminide coatings of aerospace engine and industrial gas turbine components. The furnace has dimensions of 39.5 inches (1,000 mm) in diameter x 39.5 inches (1,000 mm) high and a maximum operating temperature of 2102°F (1150°C). Parts are placed inside the loading fixture, which is positioned, with an overhead crane, on the base supports. A retort is then placed on the base, evacuated and then flushed with inert gas to obtain a clean, pollution-free environment. The retort is transferred inside the furnace, where it is heated up to the process temperature.

When the process is completed, the retort is moved inside a cooling station, where forced air guarantees fast cooling of the load. Up to two retorts can be simultaneously used in the system to maximize furnace utilization. Transfer of the retorts in the system is fully automatic.

The system is also equipped with a safety PLC, gas burner and all the safety features required to use hydrogen as a process gas according to NFPA 86C.