Premier Thermal Solutions is increasing oil quench-and-temper capacity at its Atmosphere Annealing Mt. Hope facility in Lansing, Mich. Through the enhancement of an existing roller-hearth tray furnace, the facility will double its oil-quench capacity. The additional capacity is in response to increasing demand seen from many of the industries that Atmosphere Annealing serves, including automotive, energy, heavy equipment, heavy truck and rail. The furnace will be online in the first quarter of 2019.

According to Premier Thermal Solutions the expansion will also provide additional back-up processing capabilities to further protect its customers’ critical supply chain. Premier Thermal Solutions provides metal heat-treating services through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Atmosphere Annealing and NitroSteel, with plants located in Lansing, Mich.; Canton, Ohio; North Vernon, Ind.; and Pleasant Prairie, Wis.