AFC-Holcroft received an order from Mincon Group for two separate, complete batch-style integral-quench heat-treatment lines. The equipment will be utilized for the heat treatment of components used in heavy industries like mining and drilling. Both batch furnace lines have features designed to reduce distortion of the products being processed. One line – consisting of an integral-quench batch furnace with an effective load size of 36 x 72 x 56 inches, tempering furnaces, washing and conveying equipment, controls system and accessory equipment – will be sent to a manufacturing facility in Benton, Ill. It has a gross load capacity of 6,000 pounds.

The second line will be delivered to a facility in Perth, Australia.  According to AFC-Holcroft, the addition of the batch furnace lines will allow Ireland-based Mincon to increase production. Delivery of the line for Benton took place in the first quarter of 2018. Delivery of the second line destined for Perth will take place at a later date. Mincon manufactures and distributes a range of precision-engineered hard-rock drilling tools for a variety of industries.