Lewco sold a custom car-bottom oven rated for a maximum temperature of 1300°F to an industrial manufacturer. The electrically heated oven, which will be used for annealing steel parts, has a workspace of 72 inches wide x 140 inches deep x 90 inches high. Manufactured and designed to NFPA 86 Class B standards, it is supplied with a rear-mounted heater box with 324 kW heat input and a 38,000-CFM high-efficiency circulation fan delivering dual airflow evenly throughout the workspace.

A heavy-duty powered car serves as both the floor and door of the oven. The car-bottom design guarantees a tight overall seal, keeping the oven exterior cool and minimizing heat loss. Parts are loaded onto the car and transferred into the oven on a rail track. Once the parts are in the oven, the process begins with a ramp/soak recipe increasing the temperature from ambient to 1150°F. When this concludes, the cooling cycle begins, taking the temperature from 1150°F back down to ambient.