Having adequate training in any heat-treating operation is a must in today’s low labor pool and fast-paced environment. Having production-line staff with a “full understanding” of heat-treating operations, technical knowledge and how each element of production is connected is important to minimize micromanagement and error rates and maximize productivity.

The Metal Treating Institute (MTI) is pleased to announce it has launched nine new technical courses, along with its Heat Treat P.E.A.K. Performance Certificate program. The P.E.A.K. program is an online apprenticeship-style program that will take four to six months (approximately 80 hours) to complete. The goal of the program is to enhance your employees’ knowledge and maximize their capabilities as a heat-treating professional.

The acronym P.E.A.K., in the certificate name, is for the four major areas that MTI feels are important in any employee’s professional development: performance, education, advancement and knowledge.

The program includes nine new technical courses developed by industry experts in the areas of:

•   Brazing

•   Induction

•   Vacuum

•   Pyrometry

•   Audit compliance

•   Endothermic gas management

•   Principles of operating a heat-treat plant

•   Reading blueprints

•   Process and atmosphere controls

These courses, combined with the following current courses, make up the P.E.A.K Performance Certificate program:

•   ABCs of Heat Treating (materials, equipment, processes, quality/inspection, metallurgical theory)

•   General plant safety

•   Surface treatments

•   Furnace maintenance

•   Troubleshooting

What makes the P.E.A.K. program unique is that it includes 12 Knowledge Application Exercises (KAEs). The KAEs are case-study-style exercises, where learners apply their knowledge gained on the shop floor through essay questions and processes. The program is administered through the MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters, which offers 24/7 access and is available on any computer or mobile device. In addition, all transcripts and certificates are maintained online.

Learners are able to enroll in any of the individual courses or the full P.E.A.K. program all at once. The cost for the full program is $1,495 per person for non-members and $995 for MTI members. MTI is offering a special introductory discount of 30% to anyone who enrolls prior to Aug. 31, 2018. If your company has a subscription to MTI’s online academy, you will have access to the P.E.A.K. program at no additional charge.

For more information on the P.E.A.K. program or MTI’s Academy subscription, visit www.MTIAcademy.com or email MTI Academy Administrator Niki Peterson at niki@heattreat.net.

Commercial Heat Treater of the Year

Industrial Heating, in cooperation with Metal Treating Institute, invites you to nominate an MTI member heat treater for the 2018 Commercial Heat Treater of the Year award. You can nominate any company you feel is qualified – including your own if you are a commercial heat treater. This honor will be given to one business that demonstrates it is “making a positive impact on their community and their industry.” Visit www.industrialheating.com/cht2018 for more information.