There is an old adage that says, “If you don’t know it, know where to find it.” Given the information age in which we live, with the Internet at our fingertips and “ask Siri” or “Alexa, what is…” at our beck and call, solving problems and getting answers to our questions seems faster and easier than ever before. As heat treaters, metallurgists and engineers, however, we know the information we find must be filtered, checked and verified as to its accuracy and applicability. As such, we must also have reference books available to us. Let’s learn more.

When it comes to understanding any subject, and heat treatment in particular, having sources you can trust is invaluable. Establishing a good technical reference library (Fig. 1), whether at work or at home (or both), is a good way to research the information you find, because solving everyday problems requires both an understanding of the root cause and an understanding of the underlying principles behind it. In addition, one must be able to uncover the entire scope of technical issues confronting us so as to find practical solutions and know why a particular phenomenon took place so that corrective action may be taken to avoid its reoccurrence in the future.

Presented here are at least the top-5 books in each category that are considered must-have references. Newer editions may exist in some cases, but exercise caution to ensure their contents are equal to or better than the originals. A more comprehensive listing can be found in the online Reference 1.


General Reference[1,2,3]

1. Herring, Daniel H., A Comprehensive Guide to Heat Treatment, Volumes 1 & 2, e-Books, Industrial Heating/BNP Media, 2018, (

2. Handbook of Mechanical Alloy Design, George E. Totten, Lie Xie and Kiyoshi Funatani (Eds.), Marcel Dekker Inc., 2004, ISBN 0-8247-4308-3, 734 pages

3. Mark’s Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, 9th Ed., Eugene A. Avallone and Theodore Baumeister III (Eds.), McGraw Hill Book Co., 1978, ISBN 0-07-004127-X

4. Metals Handbook, 1948 Ed., ASM International, 1948, 1,332 pages

5. Wegst, C. W., Stahlschlussel (Key to Steel), 20th Ed., Verlag, 2004, ISBN 3-922599-20-6, 720 pages


Atmosphere Heat Treating[1,2,3]

1. Herring, Daniel H., Atmosphere Heat Treatment, Volume I, BNP Media Group, 2014, ISBN 978-0-692-28393-6, 714 pages

2. Herring, Daniel H., Atmosphere Heat Treatment, Volume II, BNP Media Group, 2015, ISBN 978-0-692-51299-9, 803 pages  

3. Steel Heat Treatment Handbook: Equipment and Process Design, 2nd Ed., George E Totten (Ed.), CRC Press, 2007, ISBN 978-0-8493-8454-7, 713 pages

4. Parish, Geoffrey, Carburizing: Microstructure and Properties, ASM International, 1999, ISBN 0-87170-666-0, 247 pages

5. Haga, L. J., Practical Heat Treating, Metal Treating Institute


Furnace Atmospheres – Generation (old but relevant)[11,12]

1. Metals Handbook, Vol. 2, Heat Treating, Cleaning and Finishing, 8th Ed., ASM International, 1964, LOC 27-12046, 708 pages

2. Hotchkiss, A. G. and H. M. Webber, Protective Atmospheres, John Wiley & Sons, 1953, LOC 53-8521, 341 pages


Vacuum Heat Treating[1,2,3,14]               

1. Herring, Daniel H., Vacuum Heat Treating, BNP Media, 2014, ISBN 978-0-9767565-0-7, 512 pages

2. Herring, Daniel H., Vacuum Heat Treating Volume II, BNP Media, 2016, ISBN 978-0-692-76738-2, 1,076 pages

3. Vacuum Technology: Practical Heat Treating and Brazing, Roger Fabian (Ed.), ASM International, 1993, ISBN 0-87170-477-3, 253 pages

4. Brunner Jr., William F. and Thomas H. Batzer, Practical Vacuum Techniques, Robert E. Krieger Publishing Co., 1974, ISBN 0-88275-146-8, 198 pages        

5. The Vacuum Technology Book, Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc., 2008


Applied Energy[1,2,3,8]

1. Haimbaugh, Richard E., Practical Induction Heat Treating, ASM International, 2001, ISBN 0-87170-743-8, 332 pages

2. Rudnev, V., D. Loveless, R. Cook, and M. Black, Handbook of Induction Heating, Marcel Dekker, 2003

3. ASM Handbook, Volume 4C:: Induction Heating and Heat Treatment, Valery Rudnev and George E. Totten (Eds.), ASM International, 2014, ISBN 978-1-62708-012-5, 820 pages

4. Tudbury, Chester A., Basics of Induction Heating, Vol. 1 and 2, 1960, LOC 60-8958, 132 pages, (Vol. 1) and 121 pages, (Vol. 2)

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1. Totten, G. E., C. E. Bates and N. A. Clinton, Handbook of Quenchants and Quenching Technology, ASM International, 1992, ISBN 0-87170-448-X, 507 pages

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Heat Treatment (Practice)[1,2,3]

1. Heat Treater’s Guide: Practices and Procedures for Irons and Steels, 2nd Ed., Harry E. Chandler (Ed.), 1995, ASM International, ISBN 0-87170-520-6, 903 pages

2. Herring, Daniel H., A Comprehensive Guide to Heat Treatment, Volumes 1 & 2, e-Books, Industrial Heating/BNP Media, 2018, (

3. Steel and Its Heat Treatment: Bofors Handbook, Karl-Erik Thelning (Ed.), Butterworths, 1973, ISBN 0-408-70651-1, 570 pages

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Heat Treatment (Theory)[1,2,3]

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7. Burgess C. O., Heat Treating of Gray Iron, Gray Iron Founders’ Society, Inc., 1984, 121 pages


Ferrous Metallurgy[1,2,3]

1. Krauss, George, Steels: Processing, Structure, and Performance, ASM International, 2005, ISBN 0-87170-817-5, 613 pages

2. Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel, The., 9th Ed., Harold E. McGannon (Ed.), AISE (United States Steel Corp.), 1971, 1,420 pages

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4. Mechanical Properties of Alloy Steel: Republic Alloy Steels Handbook, Booklet Adv. 1009, 1961, 84 pages

5. Alloying Elements and Their Effect on Hardenability: Republic Alloy Steels Handbook, Booklet Adv. 1009, 1961, 46 pages


Final Thoughts

Readers are encouraged to contact the writer ( with other reference books that they have found to be particularly helpful in solving heat-treating, metallurgy and engineering problems associated with the subjects listed (or others). As we update the list in the future, our library will continue to grow to the benefit of all.



Transformation Diagrams[1,2,3]

1. Atkins, M., Atlas of Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagrams for Engineering Steels, ASM International, 1977, ISBN 0-87170-093-X, 260 pages

2. Atlas of Isothermal Transformation Diagrams, United States Steel Corp., 1951, 143 pages

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6. Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams for Nonferrous Alloys, ASM International, 1991


Nonferrous Metallurgy (Aluminum)[1,2,3,7,13]

1. Aluminum, Properties and Physical Metallurgy, John E. Hatch (Ed.), ASM International, 1984, ISBN 0-87170-176-6, 424 pages

2. Handbook of Aluminum, Vol. 1: Physical Metallurgy and Processes, George E. Totten and D. Scott Mackenzie (Eds.), Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2003, ISBN 0-8247-0494-0, 1,296 pages

3. Handbook of Aluminum, Vol. 1I: Alloy Production and Materials Manufacturing, George E. Totten and D. Scott Mackenzie (Eds.), Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2003, ISBN 0-8247-0896-2, 1,296 pages

4. Aluminium-Schlüssel: Key to Aluminium Alloys, 7th Ed., Dr.-Ing. Werner Hesse (Ed.), Aluminium-Verlag Marketing & Kommunikation GmbH, Düsseldorf, 2011 (in German and English)

5. Heat Treater’s Guide: Practices and Procedures for Nonferrous Alloys, 2nd Ed., Harry Chandler (Ed.), ASM International, 1996, ISBN 978-0-87170-565-5, 669 pages


Nonferrous Metallurgy (Other)[1,2,3,13]

1. Polmear, I. J., E. Light Alloys: Metallurgy of the Light Metals, Arnold Publisher, 1990, ISBN 0-34049-175-2, 278 pages

2. Heat Treater’s Guide: Practices and Procedures for Nonferrous Alloys, 2nd Ed., Chandler, Harry E. (Ed.), ASM International, 1996, ISBN 0-87170-565-6, 669 pages

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5. Titanium, A Technical Guide, Matthew J. Donachie Jr. (Ed.), ASM International, 1988, ISBN 0-87170-309-2, 469 pages


Powder Metallurgy[1,2,3,15]

1. MPIF 35 P/M Structural, Material Standards for PM Structural Parts, Metal Powder Industries Federation, 2016

2. German, Randall M., Sintering Theory and Practice, John Wiley & Sons, 1996, ISBN 0-471057-86-X, 550 pages

3. German, Randall M., Powder Metallurgy of Iron and Steel, John Wiley & Sons, 1998, ISBN 0-471-15739-2, 496 pages

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Joining (Brazing)[1,2,3,4]

1. Brazing Handbook, 5th Ed., American Welding Society, 2007, ISBN 978-08717-104-6-8, 740 pages

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6. Aluminum Brazing Handbook, 4th Ed., The Aluminum Association, Inc., 1998, 84 pages


Joining (Soldering, Welding)[1,2,3,4]                      

1. Manko, Howard H., Solders and Soldering, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1964, ISBN 07-0-39895-X, 323 pages

2. Linnert, George E., Welding Metallurgy; Carbon and Alloy SteelsVol.1 Fundamentals, 4th Ed., American Welding Society, 1995, 478 pages


Tool Steels[1,2,3]

1. Roberts, G. A., and J. C. Hamaker Jr., A. R. Johnson, Tool Steels, 3rd Ed., 1962, ASM International, 780 pages

2. Wilson, Robert, Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Tool Steels, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1975, ISBN 0-07-084453-4, 378 pages

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5. The Tool Steel Trouble Shooter: An Analysis of 107 Tool Failures, Bethlehem Steel Corp., 1964, 125 pages


Heating Methods (Electric & Gas)[1,2,3,6]

1. NFPA 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces, National Fire Protection Agency [latest edition]

2. Reed, Richard J., North American Combustion Handbook, Vol. 1, 2nd Ed., North American Mfg. Co., 1978, ISBN 0-96015696-1-4, 501 pages

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4. IHEA Heat Processing Manual, Industrial Heating Equipment Association [latest edition]

5. Combustion Technology Manual, Industrial Heating Equipment Association [latest edition]


Metallurgy (Theory)[1,2,3]

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Metallurgy (Practice)[1,2,3]

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Failure Analysis (Hydrogen Assisted Cracking)[1,2,3]

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Quality Control (Inspection & Testing)[1,2,3]

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Plating / Finishing[1,2,3]

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