Industrial Heating’s monthly economic indicators for June 2018 remained over 50 for the 19th straight month. Not one indicator has been under 50 since November 2016. Also, the change in the number or orders and change in backlog both increased from last month. June 2018’s index numbers:

  • Change in number of request for quotes from April to May – 57.2
  • Change in number of orders from April to May – 57.7
  • Change in backlog from April to May – 55.1
  • Expected change in the health of the industry through June – 54.5

June 2018’s index numbers reflect the changes experienced by responding companies as they compare their May 2018 business levels to their April 2018 levels. A number above 50.0 indicates increased activity or growth. A number below 50.0 indicates decreased activity or a decline in growth. Look for these numbers, along with historical values, in July 2018’s Industrial Heating.