inTEST Corp. announced that its thermal segment subsidiary, Ambrell Corp.,  opened a new induction-heating manufacturing facility in Rochester, N.Y. Construction was completed in April. All equipment, production assets and employees have been transferred from the previous manufacturing facility in Scottsville, N.Y., to the new 80,000-square-foot facility. The former plant was 40,000 square feet.

According to Ambrell, the new facility adds floor space to its Applications Laboratory. The addition of floor space and equipment will enable the company to manufacture more induction-heating products to meet the growing demands of customers. 

inTEST expects tenant improvements for the new Ambrell facility to total $2.1 million before applying the financial support offered from city, state and local utility in the form of grants that total $1,090,000.  These grants, some of which are based on employment plans, will help offset the costs of the tenant improvements.