Lindberg/MPH shipped a box furnace with retort to a laboratory in Canada. It will be used to test parts in a hydrogen atmosphere. The atmospheric retort allows for uniform heating and less chance of contamination within the work chamber, which has dimensions of 10.75 inches wide x 23.75 inches deep x 11.25 inches high. The temperature range for this laboratory box furnace is 212-2192°F (100-1200°C), but the lab will run it at a maximum temperature of 1922°F (1050°C).

The furnace has individual heating elements at the chamber top, bottom and sides for uniform heat distribution. It utilizes Moldatherm ceramic-fiber insulation to allow rapid heat-up, recovery and cool-down rates. The high-temperature insulation is used to minimize heat loss and improve temperature control. The inlet atmosphere is controlled through a flow meter, and nitrogen is used to purge the chamber before the introduction of hydrogen.