Wisconsin Oven Corp. shipped an electrically heated horizontal quench system to an aluminum casting company. The system will be used for solution treating aluminum castings for the aerospace and automotive industries. The solution-treating furnace is designed to heat a 2,500-pound load of aluminum, plus basket and work grid, to an operating temperature of 1020°F. The maximum temperature rating for this system is 1250°F, sized for a 5-foot-wide x 5-foot-long x 5-foot-high basket.

The system, which was designed to meet AMS 2750E requirements, utilizes a double-tier hearth on the quench tank to allow a load to be placed in the oven while another load is in the quench tank for increased production capability. A motorized pusher/extractor charges the load into the oven and discharges it at the end of the heating cycle. The quench tank is equipped with a pneumatic lift table to rapidly lower the load into the water quench, resulting in a 15-second quench time.