Lindberg/MPH shipped three natural-gas-fired box furnaces to a parts manufacturer for the oil-and-gas industry. The furnaces will be used to develop process-control requirements for heat treatment and stress relieving of underground mining/drill heads. These types of mining/drill heads only last a few hours to a few days depending on the composition of the ground, and the goal is to double the life of the tooling through research that would revolutionize industry standards.

The box furnaces utilize automatic chamber pressure controls and space-saving, rear-mounted burners. To accommodate the tight floor-space requirements of the customer, specialized burner passages were designed to provide convection heating while eliminating flame impingement on the part. The furnaces, which have a maximum operating temperature of 2050°F, have work-chamber dimensions measuring 36 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 24 inches high. They were designed to meet a temperature uniformity of +/-15°F at 1700°F and 2050°F per the requirements of AMS 2750E, Class 3 Furnaces and Instrumentation D.