Lucifer Furnaces delivered a general-purpose box furnace to a manufacturer of precision metal stampings based in the Midwest. The furnace, which will be used to heat treat D2 and A2 steel under air atmosphere, has chamber dimensions of 12 inches high x 18 inches wide x 24 inches deep and heats to 2300°F. The roof is lined with ceramic fiberboard to eliminate cracking potential, and a 1-inch-thick cast hearth plate protects floor insulation and provides a flat work surface.

Powered at 15 kW, heat is supplied through easy-to-replace, coil-wired heating elements in V-grooved radiant panels on the sides, back and door of the furnace. Insulation includes 5 inches of hot-faced insulating firebrick with cold-faced mineral-wool block behind. Safety features include a micro-switch to auto-disengage power to heating elements when the door is opened.