SECO/WARWICK supplied a traveling aluminum-log homogenizing furnace and cooler combination to Ohio Valley Aluminum Company (OVACO). The system will be installed at OVACO’s facility in Shelbyville, Ky., and will be used to process aluminum billet and logs in a lean-manufacturing environment. It enables seamless processing without moving product until the process is complete, and it reduces cycle time by eliminating the need to transfer product to stationary coolers.

The furnace utilizes SECO/WARWICK’s patented reversing airflow design with upstream/downstream temperature control using an axial-flow fan wheel that reverses rotation on a timed basis, in turn reversing the direction of the horizontal airflow through the load. The airstream temperature is monitored and controlled on each side of the load. A thermal head is used during the early stages of the cycle for fast, efficient heating. This design increases both the heating rate and temperature uniformity of the load compared with one-way airflow, resulting in lower fuel cost and improved metallurgical results.

OVACO is an aluminum billet and log supplier to major aluminum producers for applications in building and construction, transportation and architecture.