United Process Controls (UPC) delivered an Atmosphere Engineering EndoFlex endothermic-gas generator to Jomarca, a fastener manufacturer in South America. The generator is intended for carburizing operations at the company’s Brazilian plant, which includes 10 large continuous rotary-retort furnaces that process over 2,200 tons of fasteners a month. The high-capacity generator was integrated into the plant’s existing gas-distribution system in the first quarter of 2018 and is supplying endothermic gas to all carburizing furnaces.

EndoFlex operates at a lower cost and mixes to more accurate ratios, which helps to maintain a constant furnace atmosphere and consistent gas quality at all times. The generator’s intelligent control system automatically adjusts the production of endothermic gas to match the real-time demand of the furnaces. This efficient production and supply delivers immediate cost savings through a reduction of electrical energy and gas consumption. In addition, the multi-retort design operates at a lower temperature, which prolongs the life of the catalyst and retorts.