Bodycote opened a new facility for specialty stainless steel processes (S³P) in Mooresville, N.C. S³P processes increase mechanical and wear properties in stainless steel without adversely affecting corrosion resistance. The plant, which will be operational this month, will support the manufacturing supply chains in the southeast region. It will be accredited for both ISO 9001 and AS9100 to serve the customer base.

Demand for S³P processes featuring Kolsterising has grown exponentially across multiple markets in the U.S., including automotive, medical, and oil and gas. Certain stainless steel applications present unique technical challenges to metallurgists and engineers. Bodycote’s S3P technologies are dedicated to treating stainless steel, nickel-based and cobalt-chromium alloys (including martensitic and precipitation-hardened stainless steel materials) to improve resistance against surface wear such as galling, cavitation erosion and abrasive wear.