L&L Special Furnace Co. Inc. delivered an intermediate-sized, front-loading box furnace to the Canadian government’s forestry division. With a work zone measuring 16 inches wide x 16 inches high x 20 inches deep, the furnace is equipped with an atmosphere-sealed case for use with inert gas to displace oxygen and minimize surface decarb. It is purged with inert gas prior to loading, and the parts are then heated under a controlled atmosphere.

Heating is supplied by Kanthal APM elements located on the sides, bottom, back and door. These elements are wire-wound coils with a heavy cross section that allows for higher soak temperatures for longer periods of time. The furnace’s control system includes a Eurotherm EPC3004 multiple program control and over-temperature protection. The NEMA 12 control panel includes all necessary fusing along with internal switches and solid-state relay power controls divided into two zones for temperature-gradient balancing.