Premier/BeaverMatic received an order from a manufacturer and supplier of oilfield logistics services for an internal-quench furnace line capable of processing 30-inch-wide x 48-inch-long x 26-inch-high workloads weighing up to 1,500 pounds. The equipment will be installed in a new facility in Dubai. The order includes a Premier/BeaverMatic internal-quench furnace including high-efficiency SER heating system, quench-oil cooling and centrifugal separation systems; temper furnace; drying oven; spray and dunk washer; endothermic-gas generator; data-collection system; and a manual-load transfer cart.

The customer is expanding its capabilities for the manufacture, service and repair of a variety of oilfield-related equipment, such as drilling tools, fluid-sealing gasket products, slotted liners, specialized welding and hard-metal applications. In addition to equipment for drilling-related activities, the company also manufactures complete assemblies including liner hangers, liner packers, bypass cement manifolds and anchors.