SECO/WARWICK received an order from voestalpine High Performance Metals (formerly Böhler-Uddeholm), a manufacturer of tool and special steels, for a 15-bar vacuum furnace with high-pressure gas quenching and a retort furnace. The company will use the equipment to increase its production capacity and expand its processing capabilities. The gas-quenching capabilities of the vacuum furnace were tested and proven on a 400/400/400-mm reference steel block, achieving rates in the range 40-80°C/min.

In other news, SECO/WARWICK supplied precision vacuum equipment for the Wedge Group and Shenzhen Wedge South Central University in Shenzhen, China, to be utilized primarily for high-temperature alloy solution treatment for both production and research and development of super alloys for aerospace applications. In addition, China’s top relay manufacturer, Xiamen Hongfa Electric Power Controls, will add a SECO/WARWICK high-vacuum brazing system to its facility in Xiamen, China.