AFC-Holcroft sold a complete batch carburizing and austempering line to Rotor Clip, a global manufacturer of retaining rings, wave springs and self-compensating hose clamps. The full line consists of a UBQA (universal batch quench austemper) furnace, washer with transfer pump, temper furnace, transfer car, scissor-lift table and stationary table. All equipment was provided by AFC-Holcroft.

The UBQA furnace is designed for neutral hardening, austempering and other heat-treating processes where a controlled environment is required during the heating and quenching portions of the cycle. Parts subjected to the austempering process are shown to have improved mechanical properties, such as strength and toughness, along with improved dimensional control during processing.

Rotor Clip is headquartered in Somerset, N.J., and has locations in Europe and China.