Rex Heat Treat purchased a 15-bar Vector vacuum furnace from SECO/VACUUM Technologies for its commercial heat-treating facility in Lansdale, Pa. The company created a newly upgraded climate-controlled vacuum heat-treat bay to house the new furnace, which will be used for through-hardening, tool and die steel processing, high-temperature solution nitriding, annealing and vacuum tempering. The system is scheduled for delivery by the end of the first quarter.

The equipment was purchased for processing components for customers involved with the tool and die, aerospace and gear markets, but Rex Heat Treat expects to expand its operations with this investment. The Vector will be equipped with patented PreNitLPC and FineCarb technologies for low-pressure carburizing for increased productivity via faster cycle times and higher processing temperatures. It will also be equipped with a 15-bar and 6-bar argon quench for greater versatility.