Tenova received an order from TimkenSteel for its proprietary off-gas-based technology package, which includes a NextGen off-gas analysis system, iEAF process-control software and Water Detection technology. Tenova’s equipment will be installed as a fully integrated technology solution on TimkenSteel’s top charge EAF at its Faircrest Plant in Canton, Ohio. When fully implemented, the combined technologies will bring a number of operational, safety and environmental benefits.

NextGen is a proprietary hybrid multipoint laser/extractive off-gas analysis system that delivers fast analytical response times, requires minimal maintenance and reduces hardware and installation costs. A single, multipoint NextGen analyzer will provide simultaneous and continuous full-spectrum off-gas analysis at both upstream and downstream locations.

iEAF process-control software optimizes EAF energy consumption, maximizes operating cost savings and reduces power-on time. Water Detection Technology uses NextGen off-gas analysis of both H2 and H2O vapor and is designed to quickly detect and alert Faircrest’s operators when there are abnormally high water levels in the EAF.