Novelis Inc. announced a $4.5 million manufacturing investment at its facility in Warren, Ohio. The investment in state-of-the-art technology provides greater versatility for pretreatments, improves operational efficiency and reduces costs. The company’s Warren facility has 75 employees dedicated to applying coating to rolled aluminum sheet used for production of lids for the tops of aluminum beverage cans.

In other news, Novelis announced that its Advanz 6HF - e/s200 aluminum alloy is now available in North America following its successful application in Europe. The heat-treatable, high-formable 6xxx-series alloy enables new opportunities to use aluminum for body sides, door inners, decklid outers and inners, and other closure panels. The alloy, which creates a weight savings of nearly one-third over steel in inner door applications, can also be used in designs and applications that require bending without the risk of cracking.