Five new universal test machines are available for materials testing up to 100 kN. The LD5 universal test machine is ideal for materials testing up to 5 kN; the LD10 version is suited for testing up to 10 kN; the LD30 is for materials testing up to 30 kN; and the LD50 and LD100 can cover material tests up to 50 and 100 kN. The machines are suited for metals and adhere to ISO6892, which specifies the method for tensile testing of metallic materials. Applications include the testing of cables, chains, coils, fabricated metals, fasteners, basic and cast metals, pipes, springs, tubes and wire. Some of the most common test types are cupping test, flexural/bend strength, N value and tensile testing. The machines, which feature a large working area that is 452 mm (18 inches) wide, have the flexibility for complex testing of small- or medium-sized samples, as well as for heavy-duty testing on large samples.