Nutec Bickley of Monterrey, Mexico, a manufacturer of industrial furnaces, ovens, ceramic kilns and combustion systems, acquired Olson Industries of Burgettstown, Pa. The acquisition will see Nutec Bickley complement its existing product range to offer more complete packages for the steel, aluminum and alloy industries. Bringing Olson Industries’ line of equipment onboard will enable the Metals Business Unit to consolidate its position in the North American market and secure access to larger projects.

Olson has been supplying industrial furnaces and process heat-treating equipment since 1945. The company’s technology for the forging and heat treating of steel and alloys will complement Nutec Bickley’s current range of products. Olson’s expertise includes car-bottom, box, rotary-hearth and roller-hearth furnaces.

As part of the transaction, Bryan Kraus, president and owner of Olson Industries, will be engaged in Nutec Bickley’s Metals Business Unit, providing guidance and assistance in activities such as technical sales and engineering.