Wisconsin Oven shipped a natural-gas-fired indexing conveyor oven to an automotive-parts manufacturer in Canada. The oven, which has a maximum temperature of 1100°F (593°C), will be used to preheat aluminum billets prior to forging into automotive suspension components under high pressure. This forging process produces high-strength parts that are ideal for applications where performance and safety are critical.

The oven, which has work-chamber dimensions of 6 feet, 6 inches wide x 23 feet, 6 inches long x 1 foot high, is designed with the capability to heat 1,995 pounds of aluminum per hour and a production rate of 360 parts per hour. It has achieved temperature uniformity of +/-10°F at 1050°F for the last 90 index positions.

The oven’s body is constructed with Wisconsin Oven’s patented, high-efficiency Expandable Surface™ design. This includes 2 inches of high-temperature block insulation backed with 4 inches of semi-rigid batt-type insulation. The oven has adjustable insulated profile doors at both ends above the conveyor and four personal access plugs.