Lindberg/MPH shipped a 2732°F (1500°C) heavy-duty box furnace to a university, where it will be used for testing, research and development, and laboratory applications. The furnace is suited for annealing, ashing, carbon firing, ceramic firing, hardening, sintering, solution treating and stress relieving. With work-chamber dimensions measuring 16 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 16 inches high, it has insulating vestibules and is equipped with a directly hinged, insulated plug door. An internal vent located in the top center of the vestibule aids in dissipating the initial heat surge that occurs when the door is opened.

The furnace is designed with custom features such as a 0.5-inch inlet pipe in the rear of the chamber for the use of an inert cover gas and a stand to maintain a 42-inch height from the floor with locking casters to allow the furnace to be moved to different locations within the facility. It utilizes a Eurotherm Nanodac programmable controller that offers two PID control loops and auto-tune for fast, efficient start-up. Standard Ethernet communications and a paperless chart recorder are included.