This is distressing to write because it addresses current government (federal, state and local) problems that must be confronted and solved. And you, reader, must make it happen. 

Leftist ideologues, especially over the last 50 years, have seized on “redemption,” or paying for the national accumulation of sins, the new political and cultural liberalism or moral idealism that covers racial integration, diversity, inclusion and social justice. Modern liberal idealism does not recognize that public coercion does not bring the desired redemption. This redemption concept is well-articulated by Shelby Steele, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. 

Now enter into this saga the presence of Antifa (anti-fascists), which America has recently seen in public riots in Charlottesville, Sacramento, Boston and Portland, among many more. Antifa traces its origin to Western Europe, beginning well before World War II as a militant leftist movement that uses violence to support its views in public places. Antifa works closely in the U.S. today with other left-wing organizations, such as Alliance for Global Justice and Refuse Fascism, all of which are funded by donors like George Soros, Tides Foundation, Hillary Clinton’s (as former chairman) New World Foundation and the United Steelworkers union, as well as large corporations like Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia and Lush Cosmetics.  

Antifa member count – spread among numerous regional chapters – is small, difficult to track and is insignificant compared to the mainstream political left. But Antifa is violent; its members are terrorists. What clearly established Antifa as a national threat is what one news analyst cited as “sympathies with ideological brethren of the Establishment” (government, academia, media and entertainment). It is worth noting that “officials” within government and academia have shown “complicity” in assisting Antifa. During the Charlottesville riot, granting permits to march and withholding law-enforcement aids when needed are matters needing truthful clarifications by the city mayor and Virginia’s governor. And it is not happening. 

A former Antifa member, Scott Crow, commented on its practices: “Don’t confuse legality with morality” and, at public demonstrations, “People put on masks so that we can do what we need to do, whether it is legal or not.” The use of “black bloc” clothing intends to unify efforts and hide identity, as shown in video news clips of events where Antifa participation in riots is evident. See the Trump inaugural parade video footage where rioters burned cars, lit fires, vandalized businesses, attacked police and were street fighting in Washington, D.C. In this latter instance, over 200 protestors were arrested, but essentially nothing happened to them.

Various assessments, and with which I agree, take a common-sense understanding that about 40-50% of the American public will balk at the notion that this violent behavior by political “loony tunes” is acceptable, and it must stop. Failure to enforce existing laws on matters such as violence at supposed peaceful demonstrations, countenancing sanctuary cities, permitting presence of illegal aliens in the country, spending tax money to support illegals on welfare and accepting political correctness in countless ways that violate mainstream American values are all unacceptable. It is quite generous to allow an estimate that 5% of the citizenry would agree with Antifa views of how America should be run. Certainly, one-third or more (33%) of U.S. citizens have no clue about these realities and will stand by without knowing that such conflicts exist in the nation. This is what I term “the ultimate American problem.”

All of this relates to growing conditions at all levels of government, prompting citizen’s questions of “Why is government not doing its job?” It raises the valid issue of what the public needs to do to coerce government to enforce existing laws. Free speech is a just one of our blessed Constitutional guarantees and must be defended. Violence associated with free speech is illegal and must be immediately eliminated. At all government levels, adherence to law and order without the current willingness to ignore and support deviations from law is a death knell for our country.  

This message to readers urges that all citizens approach local, state and federal governance and require redress and assure that laws are enforced in a timely and effective manner. Without such return to societal stability, our nation does face a civil war. Do all this for your country, family and livelihood.