Lindberg/MPH shipped a Temperite box furnace and a Treet-All box furnace to a manufacturer of maritime equipment. The box furnaces, which have work-chamber dimensions of 12 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 12 inches high, are designed to be used in either a stacked or stand-alone configuration. They can also be used with a roller quench tank if needed. The Temperite furnace has a high-velocity forced-convection heating system and three loading levels with two removable shelves. The work-area temperature uniformity is ±10°F over the range of 600-1400°F. The Treet-All furnace has a work-area temperature uniformity of ±25°F over the range of 1400-2000°F.

In other news, Lindberg/MPH shipped a gas-fired immersion lead melting furnace to a company in the battery industry. It will be used in the production of lead plates for automotive batteries. The melting furnace is designed with nine immersion tubes, each with its own burner, boasting over 28,000 square inches of heat-transfer area. This design provides efficient heating of the metal without super-heating, which prevents metal losses. The furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 900°F and a melt rate of 21,000 pounds per hour.