Ipsen USA shipped 15 atmosphere and vacuum furnaces last quarter to companies in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. The equipment will support the aerospace, commercial heat treating and MIM industries. The shipments included: two large, vertical (bottom-loading) MetalMaster vacuum furnaces, each with a 120-inch-diameter work zone and 10,000-pound load capacity; five standard TITAN vacuum furnaces with Ipsen’s cloud-based predictive-maintenance platform that provides real-time diagnostics and text alerts; and an ATLAS integral-quench atmosphere furnace.

In other news, Ipsen – as part of its commitment to advance heat treatment – announced that it is investing $1 million in the industry this year. Companies can take advantage of Ipsen’s investment by trading in their old furnace to receive a $50,000 credit toward the purchase of a new TITAN vacuum furnace. Ipsen will accept a trade-in of any brand heat-treating furnace (vacuum or atmosphere) in any condition. To receive the credit, transactions must take place by Oct. 31, and the new TITAN must ship from Ipsen’s facility by Dec. 31, 2017.