ECM USA Vacuum Furnaces purchased a PhoenixTM through -furnace temperature monitoring system for its new Synergy Center research-and-development plant in Pleasant Prairie, Wis. The system will be used in the ECM’s NANO furnace for developing heat-treatment recipes for customer products, furnace development, TUS surveys and commissioning at customer plants. PhoenixTM’s system will operate in low-pressure carburizing and carbonitriding environments using a PTM12 series 20-channel data logger to store and transmit (via RF) data directly from inside the furnace.

The RF telemetry used in this system is capable of two-way transmission, allowing reset and data catch-up when required. The system is particularly suitable for temperature profiling in LPC furnaces where trailing thermocouples are time-consuming and difficult to use, as it can be charged and discharged to the furnace as a normal load.