Lindberg/MPH shipped a gas-fired cyclone box furnace to a company in the heat-treatment industry. The furnace, which has a maximum temperature rating of 1250°F (677°C), will be used for heat treating steel parts. The heating/combustion system consists of one nozzle mixed-gas burner firing downward into a combustion chamber before entering the recirculation airflow. The combustion chamber is located at the rear of the furnace adjacent to the recirculating-fan chamber for extended service life of the recirculation fan and gas burner.

The work chamber of this furnace is designed to accept a basket with dimensions of 48 inches wide x 84 inches deep x 48 inches high. The hearth consists of eight alloy rollers positioned across the furnace chamber floor suitable for the load support and manual movement. The furnace includes a paperless recorder to monitor chamber temperature.