Bodycote introduced Bodycote Powdermet® technologies, a group of additive-manufacturing processes used in the production of complex components using powder metallurgy. Bodycote Powdermet technologies incorporate new, patent-pending techniques that combine 3D printing with well-established net-shape and near-net-shape techniques. This technology dramatically reduces the manufacturing time and production cost of a part compared to producing the same part using 3D printing alone.

Bodycote Powdermet technologies ensure complete powder consolidation, achieve structural homogeneity, and eliminate internal porosity and unconsolidated powder flaws. The process can produce components with varying surface features and thicknesses. The need for brazing or welding parts together to form larger structures is eliminated. Instead, the finished article can be produced as one seamless component and largely avoid the size limitations imposed by the constraints of 3D printing. Different parts of a component can be formed from different alloys, and component design can be tailored to the actual requirements for performance.