Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) of Hatfield, Pa., acquired Fracture Technology Associates (FTA) of Bethlehem, Pa. Both companies have been in the materials-testing business for over 30 years. FTA is a commercial, independent testing laboratory that has provided fracture-mechanics testing services and tailored software systems to commercial, government and university labs. LTI is an independent, full-service materials testing, nondestructive testing and metrology lab serving the aerospace, power, medical and military industries.

FTA has performed fracture-mechanics testing, including fatigue-crack growth rate (FCGR) testing to ASTM E647 and non-linear fracture-toughness testing (NLFT) to ASTM E1820 and E1921. The company also provides all of the software and data-acquisition hardware required for customers to run their own FCGR and NLFT tests.

Construction of a new fracture-mechanics lab is under way at LTI with over twice the square footage of the current lab. It will house LTI’s current test frames and allow for the addition of FTA’s 10 frames and staff within the next year. FTA’s equipment and personnel will be integrated into the Fracture Mechanics Department at LTI within the next year.