For 27 years Industrial Heating has published its annual Buyers Guide.

The goal of this issue hasn’t changed over the years. We always strive to help readers make better purchasing decisions. This is made possible by gathering all of the industry’s leading manufacturers for two directories.

The Manufacturers Directory provides an alphabetical listing of companies that manufacture and sell thermal-processing equipment. Each company listing includes full contact information. The Products Directory is where you can find the products you need and the companies that provide them. The section is broken down into four main categories for convenience: Furnaces, Ovens & Kilns; Components, Supplies & Materials; Refractories & Insulation; and Controls, Instrumentation & Test Equipment.

You can begin your product search at our Product Index page, which lists every product and service in the directory by page number. This index is color-coded so that the product categories correspond with the color of the tabs at the top of each page. The process is simple: find the product you want, go to the page where it’s listed and see a list of companies that offer that product for sale. You can then go back to our Manufacturers Directory to find a particular company’s contact information.

While the purpose of the Buyers Guide hasn’t changed in 27 years, the way it’s presented certainly has. Just visit for proof. This website, which is continuously updated, offers advanced features to make your online search easier than ever before. You can search our website by company, product or keyword to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can browse the product categories. You can also search for companies by state.

Like the Buyers Guide, our website has a specific goal – to help readers become better informed about the thermal-processing industry. With that said, it’s always interesting to see which articles are most popular on Here are some interesting results in terms of page views over the past 365 days.

  • The most viewed section of our website, outside of News, is The Heat Treat Doctor. Dan Herring’s monthly column is always a must-read.
  • The most popular topic on our website is Heat Treating, followed closely by Materials Characterization & Testing.
  • The most viewed article, and it’s not even close, is “Understanding the Jominy End-Quench Test.” It had close to three times as many page views as the article in second place. Originally published in 2001, this article was updated and optimized for the website in May 2015.
  • The aforementioned Herring was the author of four articles in the Top 10 most popular.
  • Only three articles published since the start of 2016 made the Top 10: “Troubleshooting Thermocouple Failures in High-Temperature Applications,” “How to Maximize Burner Efficiency” and “Comparing and Contrasting Carbonitriding and Nitrocarburizing.” 

To recap, if you need assistance when it comes to purchasing heat-treat equipment, search our Buyers Guide for the company/companies that have what you need. If you want to learn more about a specific thermal-processing topic or a specific process, search our website for a technical article that fits the bill. Both resources are available to help you. You can’t go wrong with either.