Microsoft and Tenova, a Techint Group company headquartered in Italy, announced their collaboration and presented the characteristics of the Tenova solution that is based on three key elements – sensors/actuators, decentralized intelligence and supplier-customer interaction – with the objective to improve business productivity in the steel and manufacturing industries.

This integrated system, with multiple integrated sensors and actuators, will enable plant machines to manage the specific productive process and provide the operators or AI algorithms with specific information on their own conditions – detected autonomously – through dedicated measurements and reporting with respect to specific events.

Decentralized intelligence, by evaluating the information derived from sensors, will elaborate the possible behavioral scenarios in real time, providing functions of monitoring and predictive maintenance. The system will also offer the opportunity to reset specific configurations automatically or to modify functioning parameters to achieve the optimal configuration of the plant.

The system will increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) index, reduce energy consumption, guarantee flexibility in order management according to customers’ business plans and equipment conditions and control the plant more effectively through a comprehensive overview of single components. In addition, users can receive remote assistance from Tenova specialists, which will reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Through this partnership with Microsoft, Tenova will be able to provide even more efficient and innovative metals production plants compliant with strict regulations on safety and environmental sustainability.