PhoenixTM supplied a hot-box temperature survey system to Pasello Trattamenti Termici, an Italian provider of heat-treatment services. The system will be used to carry out temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) in a wide range of furnaces, including low-pressure carburizing, gas carburizing and gas nitriding to ensure compliance to ISO/TS 16949 and CQI-9 specifications. The system included a 20-channel type-N data logger protected by a customized high-temperature thermal barrier with a quench deflector shield for use in high-pressure gas quenches.

In other news, PhoenixTM received an order from a Brazilian tile manufacturer for a hot-box system for monitoring the product temperature during the firing process. Firing tiles is similar to heat-treatment processes, but the duration can be longer (over 24 hours) and the temperature can be higher (1200°C/2200°F). The system will be used in the company’s tunnel kilns to increase throughput and cost efficiency while maintaining product quality. Temperature is critical to tile color, so being able to see the exact temperature profile of the load is vital to product quality.