Braidy Industries, in partnership with the state of Kentucky and the Ashland Alliance, will invest $1.3 billion to construct the nation’s first greenfield aluminum rolling mill in over three decades. The Braidy rolling mill will produce auto-body sheet aluminum, plate and ultrahigh-strength alloys for the aerospace industry. It will open with a capacity of 370,000 tons per year, producing series 5000, 6000 and 7000 aluminum sheet and plate products. Braidy will also explore new scientific nano-crystalline technical advances capable of improving molten metal-based manufacturing.

Groundbreaking at the 370-acre site will occur in the first quarter of 2018. The mill will be 2.5 million square feet under roof, with an ideal location on the great Ohio River. The CSX railroad runs through the property, and highway I-64 connects the mill site to some of the nation’s largest automotive and aerospace customers. 

Braidy’s next investment will be a soon-to-be-announced acquisition that will help put the company on the forefront of the advanced manufacturing of ultrahigh-strength and lightweight parts for the inside of cars and airplanes. The company plans to lead the development of science applying nano-crystalline technologies to the rapid implementation of high-strength and lightweight alloys.