Harper International and Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) formed a strategic relationship that will see Harper utilize FMT’s high-power microwave heating technology to complement its product portfolio of traditional gas- and electric-fired furnaces. FMT of Nashua, N.H., has several patented microwave technologies that enable advanced microwave field distribution across a wide variety of materials. Harper will integrate FMT’s heating technology into its furnace systems.

Since commercial microwave use requires material-specific equipment, matching the engineering and design capabilities of FMT with Harper’s furnace systems will provide customers an advantage for their unique processing requirements.

According to Buffalo, N.Y.-based Harper, microwave can be a highly efficient and effective solution for a range of materials, including ceramic and metal powders. According to FMT, teaming with Harper will give the company access to material-processing capabilities and expertise that will enable it to solve more complex heating problems for customers.