Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. was contracted to commission a turnkey 36-foot-diameter “pancake-style” rotary-hearth furnace for a North American aerospace supplier. The open hearth configuration allows for flexible loading and uniform heating. The furnace will be used in the production of large titanium and nickel-based alloy closed-die structural forgings for fixed-wing aircraft. The system, which is capable of processing up to 250,000-pounds in a 24/7 production environment, features an advanced low-NOx combustion system designed to meet the most stringent environmental and temperature-uniformity requirements.

A special dual-door design provides the company with significant flexibility for forging-to-press manipulation within their existing plant layout. The furnace complies with the thermal performance requirements laid out in AMS 2750E, and it integrates a low-shrinkage ceramic-fiber lining, unique rotating-hearth drive and sealing system. The system is scheduled to be commissioned in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2017.